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Rescues from Cow Farm and Graveyard 



This graveyard is located not far from Siun’s home in Namyangju City. Siun has been feeding them all alone. There were over 100 dogs roaming around the graveyard and there was a deserted cow farm next to it. These dogs disappears before first Boknal (three dog eating days during hottest summer in Korea) Nami visited the site and saw many pregnant dogs, decided to go ahead with the rescue. Nami was so shocked to see many puppies survived in the horrible conditions. The former cow farm owner near the graveyard was indirectly killing the puppies using square baskets stack by stack when puppies are born. This was how he controlled the number of puppies being born constantly.

A professional trapper volunteered and came along to catch them one by one.  The first batch got caught was eight, they were immediately sent to Dr.Han for spay/neuter and had them all vaccinated (1st shot) None of the pregnant was caught but found one pregnant named Sophie at 2nd batch after two weeks.

This is on going rescue throughout the year until the last dog has been caught. The number will be mulplied again and becomes the victims of the summer dog eating days Boknal in 2022.


16 dogs rescued from #Tobong #DogMeat Slaughterhouse

JULY 2022



It was late June that Nami received an email from a boy about a dog slaughterhouse in Tobong district in Seoul.

The email had a few attachment and Nami needed to take action right away.

The site was located in such a secluded up in the mountain hidden. Nami called the police and the District office officials to be at the site present to pull all the dogs on the day. It was tough as the slaughter scene was right next to the dogs, Nami had 119 SOS (Korean version of 911 US)  helpers from the region. It took 5 hours to get them all out with the help. All the dogs resisted refused to be pulled. To the dogs being taken out of the cages means “Death” It was a big struggle.

Initially the total heads was 14 then Nami found out there were two more that the butcher was hiding them up in the forest. Nami went back to get the two remaining dogs and the rescue was completed. Half of the dogs are highly traumatized, some are already warming up.

The butcher turned out he is 80 years old this year spent whole life raising the dogs and supplying the meat in the region.The butcher is gone out of business but Nami keeps monitoring keeping her eyes on the butcher.


Dogs rescued from a suburban area where homeless people gather and cook dogs



Dangha is a district newly developed in the City of Incheon. A young couple used to feed the dogs in the forest and realized some homeless people are cooking the dogs when they saw an iron pot and dog bones scattered all over at the site.

The wife Jiwon took the initiative and rescued 11 of them and took the dogs to Dr.Kim. The puppies were transported to Dr.Han for checkups and tests.

Nami took in the three big dogs and they are named “Danbee” “Daisy” and Daniel


New Rescues from Tobong Dog Meat Farm




Two dogs found at Tobong dog slaughterhouse. I was so right when I monitor and keep my eyes on this butcher. I knew he would never quit. Two activists in Seoul who went on the site found two dogs at a corner in the demolished cages. (Two last videos) This old man is 83 years old (Korean age) sometimes sell the dogs sometime sell its meat in the neighbors wet market in his whole life. He used to supply the meat in the ice box on his motorbike and goes around to sell them. It turned out that his deceased wife used to run a dog meat restaurant. He butchered the dogs and his wife cooked them. I got the City and Tobong district officials to go to the site and confiscate the two dogs. What they are saying is that these dogs are the old man's pet meaning that his own private property. They can not force the man to surrender the dogs.


Biennale Exhibition Rescue



SaveKoreanDogs  has one local partner WITH. It was early December 2022 during the Biennale Exhibition in the suburban area of Gwangju City that a dog farm was found inside the forest.  Total 68 were rescued all together. WITH went ahead to rescue all the dogs. Nami wanted to join the rescue but she couldn’t. She is trying to help them finding a few homes for the rescue organization WITH.


Wolpo Dog Meat Auction House

MARCH 2023


It was while we were protesting at the illegal meat dog auction house in Icheon City that our member stopped a truck on its way to a slaughterhouse after the auction. With the mayor’s office stepped in to make the dog trader to surrender the two dogs on the truck and five at his home.

A group of city officials went over to the dog trader’s home and rescued them all.  They were about five months old puppies one litter. Unfortunately, their mom was sold at the auction.


Bright Rescue Puppy Mill

APRIL 2023


It was in April the 20th when we went out to protest at the meat dog auction house in Yeoju City, we heard a big noises coming out from next door. We learnt that it was a puppy mill owned by an old couple.

Nami went straight to them and will be back with City officials to let the owner know that heavier fine to be paid without a license. The couple didn’t have one. Nami promised them SKD will not charge them if surrender all the dogs to them total 37 pups. Many were pregnant. Here we go, we managed to get all the dogs out of the pupply pill. This old couple needs to be constantly monitored and Nami will keep her eyes on them.

It was in April the 20th 2023 we came to know about the puppy mill next to the meat dog auction house while protesting in the City of Yeoju. Nami planned the rescue a week later while asking the City officials to do more search on the puppy mill.

There were 37 predigree such as Welsh Corgi, Maltese, Poodle, Pomerarian, Shiba Inu and so on.

Nami took her action and negotiated with the puppy mill owner with no licence, either you surrender all if not will becharged $20,000 fine.

All the dogs surrencered and there they go. The dogs were all too old to give birth average 6-14 years old. All are so small size, Nami decided to find local homes for them however they are too old to be able to be adopted in the local homes. Its because they are not young, Nami will spend the rest of her life with them.  INFO PAGE

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