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October 3, 2020

DogMeat Auction House Namyangju SouthKorea

This is one big achievement by Lady Freethinker. Taehoon (Gilbert), the reporter of Korea Observer spent a week with us past summer shooting at our shelter went digging the Meat Dog Auction House in another city. Siun is one active rescuer lives in the city of Namyangju discovered the Meat Dog Auction House earlier.
Thanks to Gilbert they are being exposed. After 3 months research we came to a conclusion there is no way we can shut it down...

September 20, 2020

Hanam City Dog Meat Trade

.....The butcher in the mountain sold all his dogs to Meat Dog Auction and abandoned those not sell-able ones. He tore down the cages and gone with the wind. I guess he knows the business can never be the same. These 6 dogs have been roaming around the mountain, three are caught by the vet (Dr.Lee Sang) of the City...

First post 

2020 07 20.PNG

July 20, 2020

Gupo Dog Meat Market - Busan

A dog meat market turning to a doggie streets thats the headline of KBS.
Gupo the livestock market (more of a dog meat market) of is now turning to a doggie place. Animals Asia and CFAF (Change for Animals Foundation) flew in many times to sit with the dog meat traders in the market in 2014. ....

2020 07 17.PNG

July 17, 2020

Gimpo Dog Meat Restaurants

Another dog meat restaurant right in front of our town office. I offered the owner i can provide a new sign in case he wants to change the menu. He says he will comsuder but not until Boknal days are over. Four cars parked at 6:30 pm but was packed inside...

2020 07 16 3.PNG

July 16, 2020

Gimpo Dog Meat Restaurants

Who say the consumption has reduced? This is the car park of one of the four dog meat restaurants in front of our town office named "My Hometown"
It was already packed at 6 pm. This restaurant runs their own dog farm and fully licensed with livestock farming. Its run by the 4th generation with 120 years of history. 

July 1, 2020

Interview with Mr.HG Kim - taxi ads company

Nightmare begins in July. Mr.HG Kim is the man of taxi ads company in the region. He has witnessed how they slaughter a dog the process, hang it, beat it and how they remove the fur and how it becomes the soup

June 5, 2020

Gimpo Dog Meat Restaurants

One of the four dog meat restaurants near our town office is considering changing the menu. Its owned by an old couple. I've been talking to the wife but she's been saying "Its up to my husband" I finally met with the husband.According to the neighbor their restaurant is not doing well. I seldom see any cars parked there at lunch or dinner hours....

May 9, 2020

Long road to change the law to ban the #DogMeatTrade 

It's been 3 years since the election May 9th 2017. Big disappointment after high hope.
It was May the 2nd just before the vote, he promised local animal right activists group that he will "Phase Out, nothing can be done overnight"
Nothing done past three years. Are we hopeless?  I am afraid so. ...

April 17, 2020

Wan Ju Park - Democrat Party - Dog Meat Promoter

This monster Wan Ju Park has been the major obstacle to the animal welfare bills still sitting on the floor. He is the one who promoted “Lets diffrenciate the two “Meat Dog VS Pet Dog, legalize meat dog farming" Its so sad that he belongs to the Democrats and he’s re-elected with almost 60% vote....

February 26, 2020

Governor Yoo of Ganghwa Island Dog Meat Eater

Sharing again for an update.
This dog meat ribs lover governor Yoo tried to avoid me and still patronizing the rib serving dog meat restaurant in the island. He's been a regular diner at the dog meat restaurant called "Seoul Dog Meat" I heard from a resident of the island that he eats for his health reasons and he loves it. ...

February 4, 2020

Dog Meat Butchers in South Korea

He died a couple of weeks ago after 45 years of slaughtering more than a million dogs (a few millions he says) and supplied to his ex-wife's dog meat restaurant.I just heard today no one turned up at his funeral not even his own son. This is his karma. He looked very lonely and so drunk ....

FB post 1 - February 18  FB post 2 - February 18

January 6, 2020

Long road to change the law to ban the #DogMeatTrade 

Remove or declassify dog from the livestock category was in my proposal list when I went to see Dr.Pyo about the new amendment.
How absurd that dogs are under livestock as stated and yet it does not belong to eatable food as defined by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety....

September 26, 2020

Long road to change the law to ban the #DogMeatTrade 

Dear president Moon,

You have less than 2 years, where is your promise "Phase Out" before the election.

Are you just another politician using the dogs for your own gain?

You own two dogs Maru and Tori. Don't you see in the Tori's eyes how much he suffered? We are losing hope. Perhaps we expected too high.

August 23, 2020

Pastor Joo Young Bong the man of Meat Dog Association

This is the man of Meat Dog Association. It was in 2017 that he took over the mafia and re-organized and rebuilt it and gain power. He became so powerful. He is the leader of all the ugly scenes presented by the Meat Dog Associations. They just do not feel shameful at all. I was so shocked to see their wives are working together....

2020 07 19.PNG

July 19, 2020

#Hwasung City

Special thanks to Dr.Han who took the time to go to Hwasung City today with other volunteer vets, had the dogs spayed and neutered.
I've been pressing Dr.Han to make a time for it as new puppies keep coming out...

2020 07 16.PNG

July 16, 2020

Gimpo Dog Meat Restaurants

One of the four dog meat restaurants is no longer serving dog meat. The sign has changed.
When i approached them 4 years ago about changing the menu and I will pay for the new sign and the menu. The owner splashed a bucket of water on me shouting "Get Lost!" 

2020 07 10.PNG

July 10, 2020

Dog Meat Price

Current dog meat price this week is going at $5 per Geun (600 grams) Geun is a traditional weight measurement used today in the dog meat trade. Its strictly cash business. I reported this to the tax office headquarter but the officials in charge say "Its a very small business like a street vendor, let them make a living"

June 29, 2020

Lee Gae Hoo - Minister of Agriculture Dog Meat Eater

This monster is back as chairman of the Agriculture/Martime/Fishery Committee.
Where are we heading? Its a sinking boat. He was asked to leave minister of the Agriculture office served (half a year) back to the most powerful position. All the three bills we put high hopes are nullified..

May 27, 2020

Gimpo Dog Meat Farms

A good news to share. Saw one whole bunch of piled up filthy rusty cages in our neighbor junkyard. I even saw a sign "Buy and Sell Dogs" According to the lady, the owner says they do get such dismentled cages brought to them as scrap to sell. Its going at 400 Won per kg which isn't too bad.

May 2, 2020

Pastor Joo Young Bong the man of Meat Dog Association

I said he's been quiet from this year, there he goes again. My Katalk, a local channel of communication has been hacked. He is doing it again.
Oh God if you are there take this Satan from the earth you created....

April 2, 2020

Gimpo Dog Meat Restaurants

Its so dreadful when I actually feel it physically. Here I have one pic that describes whats going on in the City.
The grocery in the main road is the nearest from our shelter. This pic was taken at lunch hour 12:40 pm I was the only shopper for half an hour. They laid off all the part timers....

February 11, 2020

Gimpo Dog Meat Restaurants

This former dog meat restaurant "For Rent"
The place used to be a mushroom restaurant then introduced new menu dog meat and chicken soup from early last year. I've been there to have a mushroom soup once on my way to Dr.Han but it wasn't good at all and smell was bad. I sat with the owner.....

January 23, 2020

Long road to change the law to ban the #DogMeatTrade 

Lunar New Year greeting card from Dr. Lee Sang Don. "Remove Dogs from Livestock Category" the bill he proposed was not even reviewed at the committee for over a year. Its now in the hands of president Moon. No idea what his intentions are but must be a good reason for it to be under his power. I am positive Moon will do something about it...

January 6, 2020

Long road to change the law to ban the #DogMeatTrade 

A year ago today, met with Lee Sang Don who proposed declassify dogs from livestock list. SKD (from Nami's mom) donated $5,000 for him to be used for the committee members. He is quitting politics for good next month. The bill he proposed is now in the hands of president Moon effective from January 1st. It does not require review or voting

September 22, 2020

Shelters in South Korea - suicide in Yangsan

The old lady who runs a small shelter in Yangsan City who I've known for almost ten years committed suicide three days ago. I hear she has no chances of recovery at all. I am so sorry this happened.

She has 200 dogs to feed. In a way, she was stoned to death by her supporters. Many of her shelter volunteers accused her over a fundraiser for a rescue. It was just a drama and I know what it was like...    First post 

August 10, 2020

Tae Hoon - Korea Observer - Interview

Tae Hoon is a founder and a reporter of Korea Observer. He is the one who made Dog Meat Professional in 2018. He shared with me one experience. A dog farmer he interviewed owns a huge dog farm with 8,000 dogs. Its being operated legally with the required licenses fully equipped. Under the current law, dog is classified as livestock....

2020 07 18.PNG

July 18, 2020

Pastor Joo Young Bong the man of Meat Dog Association

Oh God, please take this scum BACK to you or remove him on the earth you created. Why not you create a God protecting all the animals on earth if you are the loving, almighty and omniscient God. Damn God you should be in hell if you exist...

2020 07 16 2.PNG

July 16, 2020

Gimpo Dog Meat Restaurants

Dog Ribs Restaurant Changed the Menu.
I am so thrilled by this. This restaurant specialized in dog ribs had changed the menu. He was the one governor Yoo loves their dog ribs and a regular customer and was still taking the order till late March when i called and pretended that I plan to order. ...

2020 07 08.PNG

July 8, 2020

Long road to change the law to ban the #DogMeatTrade 

The Troica!
Three bills proposed by the three dog lover assembly man are no longer valid. I can say we are not going anywhere and its hopeless.
Lee, Sang Don's bill on declassify dogs from livestock was not even reviewed at the committee. Its been nullified when he quit politics. ...

June 29, 2020

Governor Yoo of Ganghwa Island Dog Meat Eater

I am writing this post with a heavy and sad heart. Governor Yoo loves dog ribs and he is at the restaurant very often these days as the BokNal is approaching.
I thank you again for your signatures but its not doing any good to make him quit eating the dog ribs. ...

May 14, 2020

Dog care services in Paju City

A newly opened first class dog care services in Paju City, its behind was so called "meat dog" kept for a dog trader's truck. The owner of the building is a rich old man and yet he wants to make money with 7 dogs hidden from the building. Its again about "pet dog" and "meat dog"The young girl who informed us about it works right here....

April 26, 2020

Pastor Joo Young Bong the man of Meat Dog Association

This is the man leading the nationwide Meat Dog Association. I call him the Mafia boss. The Association has become organized, started to lobby and the butchers United under his umbrella and guidance. He is currently a presbyterian church pastor in Gwangju City.....

March 23, 2020

Wan Ju Park - Democrat Party - Dog Meat Promoter

How pathetic, none of the three bills passed just because this one man in the Agriculture committee. He promotes dog meat industry and stresses the differences between meat dog and pet dog.
This is the result of the lobby by the mafia, Meat Dog Association.
Lets get him out of the Assembly....

February 10, 2020

Gimpo Dog Meat Restaurants

The dog meat restaurant in our next village opened last summer is not doing well. It was lunch hour but was closed. They changed the menu from dog meat soup to beef ribs soup a couple of month ago. I pass this road quite often, have not seen many cars parked there.

January 6, 2020

Long road to change the law to ban the #DogMeatTrade 

July Boknal 2016 was 2nd year of our protest at the national assembly. Jo was an assistant to Dr.Pyo (he is a vice spokesman at the Blue House now in Moon'a government) He approached and invited us to the office and arranged a meeting with Dr.Pyo 3 times. Madeline Warren's contribution was historical I must say....

January 6, 2020

Long road to change the law to ban the #DogMeatTrade 

Three assembly members who took the courage to improve the situation. Declassifying dogs from livestock list proposed by Lee Sang Don has been sitting at the committee not even reviewed. With the new law amendment Livestock Act effective from the January 1st, it's in the hands of president Moon. Next post has more

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