Every year in South Korea 2.5 million dogs are brutally slaughtered for their meat.

They are victims of savage cruelty, living in places where "humanity" doesn't exist.
The dogs are bred in terrible conditions where every expense is reduced to minimum and the dogs are repeatedly victims of these deprivations.

The dogs, from the moment they are born until the day they are slaughtered, are imprisoned in cramped, filthy, raised cages, all their life, with no protection from extreme weather, without any care. They get no water, exercise, companionship or medical care, and they never feel the ground beneath their feet. Their eardrums are often burst to prevent them from barking. They eat the remains of human food, sometimes they eat animals dead from diseases, sometimes they eat directly the carcasses of other dogs. 


In the whole of South Korea, also in the centers of important cities as Seoul, the dogs are displayed in the #DogMeat markets, then dragged into the slaugheterhouses and killed without any type of piety. In broad daylight, often in front of other live dogs, they are electrocuted, hanged, beaten. They have their throats slashed, or are boiled or burnt to death. This is a profit-driven, tax free, unregulated industry that aggressively promotes the myth that eating a dog enhances male virility and stamina. Consumption peaks during the hottest days of summer (Boknal).


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